Monday, May 18, 2009

Call me LUCKY!!!!

I am doing the happy dance, I open my emails this morning to find out I won two things from DST "Happy Place" I'm an addict to that post, I check it 5 times a day it seems!!! Well baby it's paying off!!!! (scroll down to read last post, and you will see) LOL

The first I won Chaos Lounge's New kit "Peggy's Magical Rainforest" Check it out here, while she has it on sale still!!!! Omg!!! It's a wonderful kit with tons of unique elements and awesome papers. Thanks Chaos for the chance to win this wicked kit!!!!
Stay tune, I will be playing with it real soon!

Then my day got even better when I got an email announcing I won a $5 CG to, for Lara Payton's GottaPixel store! wooohooo I've been wanting her awesome "Big Ribbon Alpha's" since I seen them. I am excited about playing with these, thanks so much Lara!!!!

I feel so darn lucky!!!! I got more news to, I was at DST "Call" sections, I like checking this area out cause some designers are looking for someone to guest CT for them for one or two kits, which rocks!!!! I answered the talented designer "Dielle Designs" She had a wicked baseball kit, called "Pitch Hitter" and I LOVE baseball kits, don't know why but I love collecting them, I don't even play ball....LOL Once I seen this kit I feel in love with it, the unique elements like the score board and stands, and I love the fence too!! You must check it out, here.

Now check out the two LO's i did, the first one is of the Detroit Tiger OLD Stadium, I pass this everyday and it is an old bashed up building now, waiting for the city to destroy it, so sad. I have every fond memories there from my youth. So I desided to make a LO for my "ME" album. Loved how it came out.

Pitch Hitter kit by Dielle Designs
Four photo frame from the Baseball kit by DreamFulfilled
Detroit Tiger "D" Logo found on WWW
Photos of Detroit Tiger Stadium found on WWW

And for my second LO I went to my dear friend Kimmies myspace and she had an old newspaper clipping of her uncle ED, from his youth. I asked to use it and she was happy to let me, she even sent me another one about him.

Pitch Hitter kit by Dielle Designs
Thanks so very much for letting me play with this awesome kit, Dielle, loved it and will use it over and over again!!!

Well I am all tired from blogging, LOL off to check out the HAPPY PLACE at DST!!!!
Peace out, Kat


mathildescrap said...

congrats for winning this kits !
I will post in the happy place to win my new kit !

Tanyia said...

awesome! Congrats on your good luck! Maybe you can share some of it with me :)

Dielle said...

What a grand day you've had, lots of great scrapping stuff and wonderful LOs!!!

Michelle said...

You are on a winning streak, aren't you?? Great job on winning and more super cute pages!

IvoryKeys said...

Congratulations! I just got that kit from Chaos Lounge and love it. I haven't made a layout with it yet but I know this weekend will see me working on one.

Awesome baseball layouts!

Jenni said...

Congrats on you winning my kit LOL. I hate having to decide so my dd does it for me, she is 15.Love to see what you do with it!

Eve said...

Congrats on winning the kits! :D